LafargeHolcim - Project Summary


The project is being developed through four interconnected areas:

1. ARCHITECTURE - interpolation of three modular pavilions within the existing tourist complex: music pavilion, art pavilion (art exhibitions, poetry evenings) and social pavilion

2. CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY - developing content that would gather people of the same affinities, organizations of various creative workshops, introduction to natural, cultural and ethnic heritage, connecting and encouraging local community, including NGOs, to participate

3. ART HISTORY - familiarising students and children with art history of town

4. ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY - organization of student excursions and classes in nature for elementary and high school students, kindergarten children from Croatia and other countries.


Modular pavilions are central architectonic element of our project. Their simple construction and elegant design makes them mobile and easy adaptable to various contexts which in the end makes their life cycle longer and it contributes to the environmental sustainability.

Interpolating the modular pavilions into the Oasis of Peace camp in Drage, we have taken into account all the components of sustainable - green construction: location, materials, energy, waste management, water use, biological and social diversity, health and comfort.



Despite our differences we managed to assemble one successful multidisciplinary team. Mirjana Viduka, / Gojko Viduka, dipl.oec. / Lucija Gobin, Student of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology / Karmen Anković, Art History Student / Katarina Viduka, Student of Graphic Arts - Graphic Product Design / Viktoria Viduka, mag.oec - Tennis Coach